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Randy Singletary

Randy Singletary
888-440-2798 Ext. 417
I am Randy Singletary, a South Carolina licensed Real Estate Agent servicing primarily the York, Lancaster, and Chester counties region (Piedmont). I was previously a computer software development professional for over 25 years and eventually came to a point where I felt the need to “re-boot” my career.

I have long had an interest in the world of residential real estate and construction. As a young teen, I worked with, and learned from, my dad in the construction of an addition to the family home, which he had built from scratch a number of years prior. Then as a senior in high school, I combined woodworking and drafting into an independent study industrial arts class, where I designed a house, and built a scale model of it. Years later, as an adult, I designed and built a backyard storage shed for my residence of the time, as well as finishing off the basement in the house for additional living space.

My wife and I purchased 2 lakefront properties, and subsequently re-sold one of them. We eventually decided to relocate from the frigid tundra (Minnesota) to the much nicer climate of South Carolina. It was during this transition that I zeroed in on real estate for my career “re-boot”. Having worked with many real estate agents over the years while buying/building and selling homes (and the lake lots), I was able to see what I did and/or didn’t like about the style of each agent, and see which traits I would most like to emulate as an agent myself. However, I think the most important trait that I bring to the table is from my client centric style during my years as a software developer. My main focus is on the needs and desires of my client.

In my spare time I love to spend time with my wife and our daughter, Skype with our son who is in the Army, play with our 2 Shiba Inu dogs, “play” with my chainsaw in our woods doing clean-up work, and/or do handyman projects in and outside the house, and work on landscaping projects. With any left-over spare time I also like to read.