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We want to help you find the home of your dreams. Our aggressive finance team of buyer’s agents can help get you the best terms available based on your income and your credit.

Many buyers are surprised to hear that they do not pay a dime for our superior buyer representation service. Our buyer’s agent fees are actually paid by the seller at closing.

You can use the Mortgage Calculator Page link here to determine your unofficial financing costs.

Carolinas Realty Group Buyer’s Tip

We know North and South Carolina real estate practices inside and out so you don’t have to.

For example; it isn’t always wise to just call Carolinas realtors and divulge your information or even your buying strategy. It could work against you as this has you by default in a “customer” and not a “client” role with the agent. In the Carolinas all real estate agents are automatically a subagent for the seller “client”. In other words, they are automatically working for the seller. Unless you have chosen to negotiate directly with a seller, and have forfeit representation altogether, you may want to consider speaking to a buyer agent about how they would be able to work for you and help support your best interest as a buyer.

Simply click here to learn more about what it means for us to be your buyer agent. We suggest you choose one of our realtors from their bios on our website and then make an appointment to meet with one or more of us until you find your perfect match. We are ready to become your agent, and look out for your best interest in the transaction. Whether it be homes for sale in Fort Mill, SC or in Charlotte, NC, our agents won’t rest until we discover the home for you.

New Home Buyer Programs

Our agents are very well informed and always staying on top of the latest developments in the Carolinas realty industry with regards to programs that can help a buyer get the most bang for their buck. These programs are always changing, and can be specific to the details, the loan, and/or the location of your future home, so make sure you consult with one of our agents to be armed with the latest knowledge that will help you win!


When you begin to house hunt you may come across lender owned homes, acquired through foreclosure. These homes are also called, real estate owned property or REO. These REO homes can be a great find for home buyers, but there are also a few things you need to be aware of when buying this type of home. This is why it is important to use a seasoned real estate professional to guide you through the purchase.

These homes are often priced below market value because the lender wants to sell as soon as possible and clear the bad debt. Keep in mind, although the lender may be anxious, making an offer and negotiating the purchase price of a REO home may take a bit longer because you often have to go through multiple levels for approval.

At Carolinas Realty Group we have the experience you can trust. We have worked with hundreds of REO properties and we would be happy to guide you through the process

Short Sales

The downturn in our nation’s economy sent hundreds of home owners in our area into a desperate situation. Many fell behind on their payments and are now hoping to avoid foreclosure by selling their homes through a short sale. In a short sale, the lien holder must agree to a short sale, meaning the balance being collected from a buyer falls short of the balance due. This may not be a great situation for the seller because they may still be responsible for the debt; however it can be a great deal for a buyer.

We can help you find homes for sale in Charlotte and across the Carolinas that are currently listed as short sales. This is far from a traditional purchase and it requires an experienced short sale realtor. Our professional sales team understands the process of getting offers accepted. Our finance team knows how to work directly with the banks that own these delinquent mortgages so they can be released and sold.

This can be a long arduous process but if you are patient and want the best deal, this may be a great option to consider.