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Joe and Lori Merrill

As I retired from the Air Force 9 years ago, Lori and I decided to settle in the greater Charlotte area. After, going through several real estate agents; who were either trying to upsell us on a house we could not afford/need or just plain not listening to what we are looking for in a house. We found John Somjak. John Attentively listened to what we are looking for; gave us honest feedback and then dug in his heels and began looking for our perfect home. He was diligent in his search and ultimately help us find a builder to build that dream home. As this was new territory for both Lori and I; John made sure he was present to help negotiate with the builder ensuring both Lori and I were happy with the end product. I can’t really say enough about nice things about John. He was empathetic, professional, energetic and very personable. I guess the highest recommendation I can give John is: “If he had not done such a great job in helping Lori and I find a perfect home; I would hire him again” On a five star rating scale; John is 6 Stars! Thanks John.