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Are You A Seller?

Our level of commitment rings true if you are buying or selling your home. We frankly understand the local market like only a select few can. Many people believe hiring a realtor to list their home will cost lots of money. Many also fear precious equity will be eaten away by realtor fees. However, statistics show hiring the right realtor will often yield more money than going it alone.

Haven’t you ever thought something looked easy until you tried to do it yourself?

There is a reason only about ten percent of seller’s choose to sell it themselves; it’s not as easy as it looks. In fact, it’s been reported about half of those who listed their own home personally knew the buyer. At Carolinas Realty Group we have more than 20 years experience taking the mystery and the headache out of the process so you can move on without worrying about the details.

Our authenticity and excellence comes through clearly in our actions and more specifically, in our communication with you as a seller, so that you are never in the dark about the progress of your property. If we do not think we can sell your house, we will not take the listing. Period!

Put any negative experiences behind you, with Carolinas Realty Group there will be no wondering where your agent has been, why no one has called you, or a stale listing that is doing nothing but waiting to expire.

We tackle the hard questions and challenging problems up front, and then work together with our specialized team to find solutions. Anyone can stick a listing on the MLS, but its building and maintaining momentum that is key in getting your home sold. If we hit a snag or bottleneck, we address it and work tirelessly to resolve it as efficiently and completely as possible so we can keep things moving for you. We manage it, so you don’t have to.

We monitor trends on a daily, monthly and yearly basis to provide you with the latest market research available nationally, regionally, locally and more specifically to your neighborhood. We also place your home on the MLS, or Multiple Listing Service. The MLS, is a database of every home, listed by realtors, in the nation. It is software that is only available to licensed realtors and is an invaluable tool for reaching buyer agents and their clients. Our team doesn’t just operate the service, but we also study and take classes to fully comprehend and stay on top of any changes or updates that develop in order to utilize every inch of this robust software to your benefit.

We use the MLS to benefit our sellers through creative and descriptive writing about our listings of homes for sale in the greater Charlotte area, as well as, many other locations in the Carolinas. We also believe the way you take pictures and add virtual tours to be imperative, so we frequently use the most talented photographers and videographers available and post their work online to enhance our listings. Yes, it can be a little more expensive for the agents, but we believe that it can set our listings apart and draw more of the right buyers. We know how to capture buyers through not only fair pricing but an educated sales process. Our seller’s agents give you tips and tools to not only list your home but to sell it.

Here are some examples:

  • Paint your home and give it a fresh new look. Refrain from bold colors, buyers are more likely to imagine their own paint colors if your walls are neutral.
  • Less is best, remove excess furniture and clutter so your home appears as spacious as possible.
  • Make sure it smells nice. Taking out the trash and leaving a clean liter box are imperative.
  • It’s in the details! Don’t make major renovations but make sure kitchen cabinet handles are not missing or the closet doors are hanging by the hinges. Replace old knobs, or light fixtures or outlet covers. These are inexpensive ways to make things look and feel new.
  • Curb appeal, make sure your grass is cut and your yard is clean and maintained. Sometimes buyer’s never go inside if they can’t see past the front door.

If you have a limited budget, or have done most of this work already, a simple spring clean may be all you need to make your home more appealing to would be buyers.

The bottom line is we take the time to see your home as a buyer would. We do not want your home to sit on the market and grow stale; we also want it to sell.

These tips may seem simple but they make a difference. Rely on Carolinas Realty Group to help you every step of the way.