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Eve Rempel

Sold a Townhouse home in 2014 for approximately $100K in Yorkshire, Charlotte, NC.

Marcus Dilley put a lot of work and effort into selling our property. He was always polite and professional and a complete pleasure to work with. We had a townhouse that sustained quite a bit of damage from bad tenants and he walked us through the whole process of getting the property ready for the market. Because we are not from the area, he ended up being our feet on the ground. He went above and beyond his duties as a realtor. We are so grateful for all his help in getting the property ready for the market. We then were able to quickly sell the unit as well. This was done much more quickly than we anticipated. Through his network of contacts, Marcus had a buyer for us within a week of the property going on the market. I would highly recommend Marcus as a realtor in the Charlotte area. He’s a fantastic person.