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James Slusher, Jr., PE

Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $300K in Sherwood Forest, Charlotte, NC.

Marcus has represented our family for over 9 years as both a real estate agent for our primary home and property manager for our 4 rental homes. Marcus has extensive knowledge of the local market and economic trends that affect the Charlotte area.

Due to his rapid response time and negotiation skills, Marcus helped us secure our primary home. We faced some hurdles that slowed our lender approval process, which could have killed the deal. However, Marcus effectively communicated the situation to our broker and the seller, thus buying time that led to a successful deal for both parties.

Marcus also manages our 4 rental properties. My wife and I rest well knowing that all our homes are rented with quality tenants. His team is very responsive and professional.

Marcus and his team are a valuable asset to our family and we recommend them highly.